Light & Sweet is Trade Star Energy saying. When we first started hauling oil in the Williston basin we realized that  the (light & Sweet oil) is in high demand and that in the U.S there are only few competitors that can drill for this same oil  (WTI specifically) . We feel that The Williston Basin has a large advantage over the WTI because of the pipelines (TransCanada, Keystone, and Keystone XL project), rail head facilities; as well as having refineries moderately close.

Having our operations in the Bakken has brought us full circle from what people think the majority of oil is (dark & sour). We have a full fleet of HEIL DOT-407 trailers, Kenworths, and Peterbuilts that love hauling the Bakken Light & Sweet oil. We are an oil transport company that operates in every aspect to perfection. From safety training, dispatching, to hiring the most qualified drivers, and using innovative technology to be one step ahead of the competition; we pride ourselves on excellence, professionalism and execution.